Sunday, February 7, 2010

Caligula: an erotic story of Caligula the emperor

Well, this is a famous and most controversial movies of 70's. This film is directed by Tinto Brass and produced by Penthouse magazine. Actually some of the scenes were shot by Penthouse founder Bob Guccione.

This films consists of many hardcore, explicit sex scenes, shots of male and female genitals, sodomy, orgy etc. This film also has many shocking violence scenes. The nude and sex scenes are enacted by Penthouse pet. Many of the hardcore scenes were inserted later by Bob Guccione.

The film is about the Roman emperor Caligula, who is known as Gaius Caesar Germanicus. Malcolm McDowell plays the role of Caligula. The film starts with short of Caligula and her sister Drusilla, played by Teresa Ann Savoy, making out in the jungle. Then later they are shown making out in the bed room. In both scenes, we can get good glimpses of her between the legs.

Caligula is summoned by his grandfather, syphilis-ridden, half-mad Emperor Tiberius. Here, we can see he is playing with naked young girls. Here, Caligula also gets glimpses of weird, degrading  sexual acts. Various types of sexual acts were on display. Even, sex between, various types of handicapped persons are shown there. There are many explicit scenes here.

Later in the film, Caligula with the help of Macro, the Army chief, kills Tiberius and becomes the emperor. Then, later Caligula, kills Macro, Gemellus-his half brother and many others to avoid any obstacles in his path. He, then maries Caesonia.

Caligula, proves to be a eccentric ruler. The senate starts to dislike him as he starts to humiliate them. In a scene, he rapes a bride and even thrust his fist into the anus of the groom. Later, Drusilla dies of an illness, which shatters Caligula. He drags the nude dead body of Drussilla around the palace. Later, Caligula organizes an orgy in which senator's wives are forced to work as prostitutes. He, proclaims a war against Britain, to humiliate the army.

The army and senate decides to kill Caligula. Then towards the end of the film, the whole family of Caligula is massacred.

You can see some of the explicit scenes at: 

Friday, January 29, 2010

Fermo posta an erotic film by Tinto brass

An erotic movie by Tinto brass. This is actually a collection of story. Here, Tinto brass is playing himself, who goes through the mails he receives from his fans, especially female fans, in which they  write their unique sexual encounters.

Similar to other tinto brass films, this film also has many shots showing the female butt, close up shots of vagina and explicit shots of masturbation.

This movie is for those who want more explicit content. But, any how I didn’t felt this movie much erotic.


Chandni Bar is one of the best films made by Madhur Bhandarkar. I would say it was his   best. This film earned Madhur his name in the film industry. Well, it is a realistic film, based on the lives of bar dancers in Mumbai, the financial capital of India. This film certainly has brought the life of bar dancers to the notice of an ordinary man. This film also handles the life of underworld gangsters, the nexus between police and underworld and also how and what influences youngsters to enter the world of crime.

This film is the story of an innocent girl Mumtaz who is forced to come to Mumbai with her Mamu (uncle), after the death of her parents in a communal violence that took place in her village. Here, she is forced to take up the profession of a bar dancer. She also loose her virginity to her uncle, who rapes her.

Monday, August 10, 2009

bizzzarrrre movies

The world of movies is an amazing world. Every year lots of movies are made around the world. Most of them are commercial movies which are made for profit, aimed at general audience, and produced to satisfy their needs. Generally most of them have happy ending. They may have all those ingredients that are most attractive, like, sex, violence, nudity, love, emotion etc. Of course sex is the most attractive of them. And there are also those movies which are generally called art films. These films have their own niche audience. And there are movies which have uncommon and bizarre plots.

Major producers of movies in the world are Hollywood, Indian film industry, Honk kong film Industry and Japanese film industry. Hollywood is famous for its movies all over the world. India has the largest film industry in the world. Its film market is largest in the world. Hong kong films are based largely on action and comedy.

European movies produce mainly art films. European movies have more explicit nudity and sex than Hollywood movies. Generally sex is not considered as taboo in the european film fans, unlike Hollywood. Japanese movies are known for their horror and extra violent movies.